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The need for carefully planned and executed risk management programs for producers is becoming increasingly important. Farm program cutbacks, changes to marketing agencies, high input cost, fluctuating crop commodity prices have increased the exposure to significant financial loss from hail. A good crop insurance program can effectively protect farmers against major financial losses and provide a guaranteed minimum yield on which marketing plans can be constructed. Time is of the essence, yet looking at all of your options from reputable insurance companies through a trusted broker when making a significant purchase is essential. The right coverage at the right price every time.

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Webhail.com is FREE to use and makes it easy to quote and purchase crop hail insurance online from your farm office or the seat of your tractor. Get your free user account and enter your field's land locations.

Get quotes on:

  • cereal crops like wheat, barley and oats;
  • oilseeds such as canola and flax;
  • pulses like peas, lentils and beans
  • as well as many forage seed and fodder crops and many spice and specialty crops including fruits and vegetables

Check prices from four different companies and review different deductible options such as "decreasing deductible" and "increasing payment" options. Your field information is stored from year to year so no need to enter land locations over and over again.

Use your credit card and receive points or air miles with your purchase. Every purchase is done through our secure server so no need to worry about the protection of your card information. How much easier could it get? How about quoting your hail insurance and purchase it with your mobile phone? You can with Webhail.com which is completely compatible with your mobile smartphone. No high speed internet connection - no worries use your smartphone anywhere anytime you have service even while your having a coffee in town during a rain.